Dalian Insulator Group Co. Ltd. is a one hundred year old company. It is a publicly listed “High Tech” company engaged in the research, production and sales of electrical porcelain and composite insulators, station post insulators and porcelain hardware fittings. It is the largest transmissi……
North Zhejiang-Central Zhejiang-South Zhejiang-Fuzhou 1000kV Line Project
Huainan-Shanghai 1000kV Line Project
Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-Jingmen 1000kVUHV AC Testing Demonstration Project
Xining-Riyueshan-Wulan-Golmud 750kVDouble-circuitTransmission & Distribution Line Project
Bando Hydropower Station 750kV Send-out Line Project
Jin-Jiu-An Double-circuit750kV Power-transmission Line Project
Dalian Insulator Group T&D Co., Ltd.
The company is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the research, development, production and marketing of line porcelain insulators, composite insulators, substation post insulators and associated electric appliances. After 100 years of development, they have acquired extensive operating experience resulting in reliable product performance and highly regarded Brand Recognition. This company is the only recipient of the “China Golden Quality Medal Award” in this industry.
Dalian Insulator (Fujian) Co., Ltd.
Dalian Insulator (Fujian) Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture formed by Dalian Insulator Group Co., Ltd. and New……
Dalian Lapp Insulator Co.,Ltd.
It is joint venture set up by Dalian insulator Group Co., ltd and Lapp insulators LLC. The company is able to……
Dalian Three-arrows Insulator Fitting Co,.Ltd.
Dalian Three-Arrow Hardware CO., Ltd is a full-invested subsidiary company of Dalian Insulator Group Corp……