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    Dalian Insulator Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a new high-tech enterprise that specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of insulators. Having inherited centennial manufacturing history, accumulated rich technical experience, and enriched the product categories and improved the product qualities during manufacturing, the Company has now established stable business partnerships with users in nearly a hundred countries, and is also one of the domestic factories that possess the R&D and manufacturing of both UHV porcelain insulators and UHV composite insulators at the same time and put the lines into manufacturing, and it is a relatively large manufacturing factory of line insulators. 
    Dalian Insulator has a varied and complete product line, consisting mainly of 70 thru 550kN A.C. & D.C. suspension Insulators, 35 thru 1000kV A.C. composite insulators, 110kV thru 1000kV supporting insulator/insulator sleeve and station post fittings. As part of their complete QC System, the company has full visual and automated advanced inspection systems that fully comply with many worldwide standards including IEC, European and USA.
    Production, sales and export of our company products rank top in the world. Dalian Insulator has exported to over 40 countries in the world.
    The company is located in Shuang D Port of Dalian in the Economic and Technology Development area and is housed in a 171,000 square meter facility. There are presently three main subsidiaries; Dalian Lapp Insulator Co., Dalian Three Arrow Electric Porcelain Fitting Co. and Dalian Shengbao Foundry Co. Ltd. Additionally, there are three professional R & D groups.
    The company was founded in 1915 and was the first company in China to manufacture transmission line insulators. In the past 100 years, our people have made great contributions to the City of Dalian and the country of China with their devotion and sense of responsibility to their mission. Through the efforts of several generations, the company has established enduring monuments within the industry.
    The company has always regarded technology as its lifeline. Its highly experienced and creative R & D team at its Government recognized R & D Center, has earned first grade national technology prizes. Key programs are 1000kV A.C. transmission technology study, equipment research and manufacturing which won the top prize for China Mechanical Industry & Technology. The 800kV D.C. key technology Equipment Manufacturing and Technology won top prize for China Mechanical Industry in Science & Technology.
    With its superior management capability and advanced technology, the company has been entrusted as the main insulator supplier for several major transmission projects in China. It is one of the few companies permitted to participate in projects of 500kV and above as approved by the National Electrical Grid Commission. Dalian Insulator has made great contributions to the improvement of domestic insulator manufacturing equipment and national electrical construction projects.
    In the future, the Dalian Insulator team will continue with its mission of creating and progressing, maintain its aim of providing the best quality products and superior service for national and international electrical projects. Our people make up the basic foundation of our main business. We will continue to strengthen our creativity, improve our technology and maintain our high standards of customer service and corporate management. We are proud of our company’s credibility, integrity and creativity. These are the hallmarks of a modern technology enterprise with independent intellectual property and “Brand Name” recognition.